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Chris Moody

I was born in FL but, raised in Forsyth County Georgia most of my life. I love sports. Basketball was my sport in High School. I enjoy golf, skateboarding, cooking, doing comedy and spending time with my family. I have been in the mortgage industry for 5 years. My family has been in it for […]

Niko Torres

Niko, a former athlete and current sports enthusiast, has spent most of his life residing in Georgia. He was raised in Marietta, GA and was fortunate to graduate from highly sought out Walton High School in East Cobb. Niko’s opportunity of fulfilling out his dream of playing college football was taken away after experiencing back-to-back […]

Jack Agner

Jack is a Metro Atlanta local coming straight out of Woodstock. After graduating from the University of South Carolina, he was employed by the Atlanta Hawks for approximately 2 years selling season ticket packages to individuals and businesses. Jack determined quickly that he wasn’t being fulfilled in the sport and entertainment industry and was being […]

Melanie Williams

Melanie started her career as a Mortgage Loan Officer in 2013, primarily catering to the Military community. Since then, she has founded multiple businesses and invests in residential real estate. She is very passionate about helping people attain homeownership because she believes it is the most powerful tool in building sustainable wealth, regardless of a […]